14 Powerful Prayer For The New Year

The prayers points are better used at home before the breaking of the first day of the new year preferably, anytime between 1.00 am to 5.00 am of the first day of the new year, that is, right after the WatchNight Service.

  • Gen. 26:12 – Oh Lord, whatever I sow in this land this year, I shall reap a hundredfold and God shall greatly bless me this year in Jesus name.
  • Deut. 11:12 – From the beginning of this year to the end, let your eyes be always on me so that your care over me will be sure in Jesus name.
  • 1 Kings 4:7 – Oh Lord, establish it on a monthly basis how I will be taken care of this year in Jesus name.
  • Psalm 65:11 – Oh Lord, crown this year (mention the year) with your goodness, and let this year drip with abundance for me in Jesus name.
  • Psalm 66:5 – Oh Lord, before this year runs out, let me invite people to come and see the work of God in my life in Jesus name.
  • Isa. 37:30 – Oh Lord, from this month onward, let my work/business grow on its own. Put my work/business in auto-drive of a breakthrough in Jesus name.
  • Isa. 61:2 – This year (mention year) is my work/business year of acceptance in Jesus name.
  • Isa. 63:4 – This year (mention year) is the year of my redemption in Jesus name.
  • Jer. 11:23 – I prophesied today into the lives of those who worked against my progress last year, this year (mention year) is their year of punishment in Jesus name.
  • Jer. 17:8 – This year (mention year), no negative economic indices shall negatively affect my work/business in Jesus name.
  • Jer. 23:12 – I prophesied today that for those who planned against my family last year, this year (mention year) is their year of punishment in Jesus name.
  • Jer. 28:16 – All organizations or company that promote rebellion against God shall fold up this year (mention year) and the name of Jesus Christ shall be highly lifted this year all over the world in Jesus name.
  • Luke 4:19 – This year (mention year) hear the word of the Lord, it is a year of acceptance for me in Jesus name.
  • Acts 11:26 – Throughout this year (mention year), my Church (mention church) shall assemble in peace, love, fellowship and brotherliness in Jesus name.

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