22 Prayer Points For Spiritual Growth and Alertness

This prayer points is necessary because it is important that one should examine oneself to know the state of one’s mind at a given time. Therefore, it is recommended that you pray this prayer once in a while as a spiritual refresher course.

  • Gen. 3:6 – Whatever is good for eyes, good to eat and good for the body but can kill me, Oh Lord, forbid me from getting closer to it in Jesus name.
  • Gen. 6:6 – Oh Lord, whatever I will do that will make you grieve over my existence, don’t let me do it in Jesus name.
  • Gen. 6:12 – Oh Lord, give me the spirit of carefulness, don’t let this corrupt world corrupt my ways in Jesus name.
  • Gen. 7:5 – Oh Lord, give me the spirit of obedience in all things in Jesus name.
  • Gen. 13:11 – Oh Lord, what I will choose that will drag me to hell shall not be my choice in Jesus name.
  • Gen. 19:16 – Oh Lord, at the time of quick action, don’t allow the spirit of lingering in my life in Jesus name.
  • Gen. 19:26 – I prophesied that under no circumstance will I look back in this spiritual race in Jesus name
  • 2 Sam. 21:15-17 – Oh Lord, at the point of success in my spiritual journey, raise people that will come to my aid in Jesus name.
  • Job 1:7;2:2 – Oh Lord, enable me with your spirit so that the to and fro of Satan will not locate me in Jesus name.
  • Job 13:15 – Oh Lord, give me the grace to be hopeful and strong even when Satan bring his temptation in Jesus name.
  • Job 22:21 – Oh Lord, give me the spirit to acquaint with you always in Jesus name.
  • Job 31:1 – Oh Lord, increase my spiritual level so as to live above fornication and adultery in Jesus name.
  • Psalm 25:6 – Oh Lord, in all my relationship with you, remember mercy in Jesus name.
  • Luke 22:31 – Oh Lord, do not allow Satan to have me in order to sift me in Jesus name.
  • Acts 13:10 – Oh Lord, in my journey of faith, do not allow the sons and daughters of the devil, the enemies of righteousness and those that pervert godly ways to find their way into my life in Jesus name.
  • 2 Cor. 2:11 – Oh Lord, give me the spirit of alertness so that Satan will not take advantage of me in Jesus name.
  • Eph. 4:27 – I prophesied that the devil will not find a place in my family in Jesus name.
  • Eph. 6:11 – I speak authoritatively into my life that I am encased in the armour of God and I can stand against the wiles of the devil in Jesus name.
  • Col. 4:2 – Oh Lord, give me the vigilant spirit and don’t let the fire of prayer quench in my life in Jesus name.
  • 1 Thess. 5:6 – Every spiritual slumber in my life, lose your grip of me in Jesus name.
  • 1 Pet. 1:13 – I banish every distraction in my life in Jesus name.
  • 1 Pet. 4:7 – Oh Lord, re-kindle the fire of prayer in my house in Jesus name.
  • Gen. 6:7,8 – Oh Lord, when your anger will be visited on the multitude, let your mercy keep me and my household safe in Jesus name.
  • Gen. 10:1 – As long as we have a record of the families of old, my own will not perish in Jesus name.
  • Gen. 16:12 – Oh Lord, protect me and my family from all those that are carrying the curse of bloodshed in Jesus name.
  • Gen. 19:11 – The Holy Spirit struck with blindness all those who seek to harm my family in Jesus name.
  • Gen. 34:1,2 – Oh Lord! Protect my household from rapists in Jesus name.
  • 1 Chro. 10:13 – I prophesied that all those who go about consulting mediums, false prophets, islamic scholars, enchanters and powers of darkness in order to inquire about me shall receive king Saul’s reward in Jesus name.
  • 2 Chro. 32:8 – Oh Lord, I trust in you to protect and fight my battles in Jesus name.
  • Prayer for Divine Protection/Adura fun Aabo At’okewa Job 42:2 – Oh Lord, I know that You can do everything. Protect me and my family from the dangers of the world in Jesus name.
  • Psalm 17:8 – Oh Lord, keep me as the apple of your eye and hide me under the shadow of your wings in Jesus name.
  • Psalm 31:3 – Oh Lord, let your name work for me as I call on your name today in Jesus name.
  • Psalm 32:10 – Oh Lord, let my trust in you leads to receiving mercy from you in Jesus name.
  • Psalm 48:14 – The Creator of heavens and earth who is my God today and forever shall guide my footsteps in Jesus name.
  • Psalm 49:7,8 – I testified that the security over my family is sure. Because the Bible says that no one is able to pay for my ransom, I and every member of my family cannot be touched by kidnappers and ritualists in Jesus name.
  • Psalm 140:4 – Oh Lord, keep me and my home from the hands of the wicked and preserve us from violent men and women in Jesus name.Zec. 9:16 – I prophesied that I am a member of the flock of God, I am like the jewel of a crown and am lifted above the trouble and pain in Jesus name.

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