23 Powerful Morning Prayers

What is so important about Morning Prayer? Prayer in the morning is very good because you meet God before you meet the devil. You meet God before you meet the circumstances of life. God anoints you to overcome every mountain that you will encounter in your life.

  • Gen 32:1 – Oh Lord, as I am going out today, let me have a positive encounter with heaven in Jesus name.
  • Exo. 13:21a – Oh Lord, let your pillar of cloud go before me today to lead the way in Jesus name.
  • Num. 22:21 – Oh Lord, those who will take up journey against me this breaking of the day, confront them in Jesus name.
  • Deut. 28:67 – Oh Lord, all terrifies of the heart and terrifies of the eyes that will make today a living hell become a taboo in Jesus name.
  • Deut. 32:11,12 – Oh Lord, as I am going out today in search of my daily bread, lead me to success in Jesus name
  • Jud. 16:2 – I decree that those who lay in wait for me throughout the night in order to strike in the morning shall themselves not see the sunshine of today in Jesus name.
  • 1 Sam. 20:35 – Oh Lord! Today, use people for the protection of my life in Jesus name.
  • 2 Sam. 11:14 – All letter of death written about me today whether sent through me or another person, heavens tear it to pieces in Jesus name.
  • 1 Kings 17:6 – Oh Lord, raise people like raven for me that will see to my needs today in Jesus name.
  • 2 Kings 3:20 – Oh Lord, as I raise up the offering of praise this morning, let the water of blessing fill my land in Jesus name.
  • Job 42:2 – Oh Lord, I know that You can do everything. Let me see favour today in Jesus name.
  • Psalm 5:1-3 – Lord, as I wake this morning to a glorious day, guide my steps as I face the challenges of the day in Jesus name.
  • Psalm 5:1-3 – Oh Lord, sanctify me for the work of today in Jesus name.
  • Psalm 5:3 – Oh Lord, let my voice reach you this morning as I make my requests of the day in Jesus name.
  • Psalm 30:5 – Oh Lord, I commute all my pains and disappointments of yesterday to the bin of forgetfulness and I claim the joy that comes with this morning in Jesus name.
  • Psalm 31:21 – I declare that I shall see the marvellous works of God this morning in Jesus name.
  • Psalm 31:22 – Oh Lord, do not judge me by the measure of my faith today. Let the rain of mercy fall on me as I leave my house in Jesus name.
  • Psalm 57:8 – As I wake up today, I shall wake with my glory and with songs of praises that overshadow all sadness in Jesus name.
  • Psalm 119:147 – Oh Lord! As I wake today, send help throughout today in Jesus name.
  • Psalm 143:8 – Oh Lord, cause me to hear your loving kindness this morning and cause me to know the way to walk today in Jesus name.
  • Isa. 33:2 – Oh Lord, be my arm against every trouble of today in Jesus name.
  • Isa. 50:4 – I prophesied to my life that I am awake! My life awakes, my tongue awakes and my ear awakes in Jesus name.
  • Lam. 3:22,23 – Oh Lord, renew your covenant of mercy of today over my family in Jesus name.
  • Matt. 27:1 – I prophesied that all the plots against my life today shall backfire in Jesus name.

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