25 Effective Prayer Of Forgiveness Of Sin

  • Gen. 3:10 – All fear and doubt in my heart because of my transgression, Oh Lord, forgive me today and set my heart free in Jesus name.
  • Num. 32:23 – Oh Lord! Rebuke sin in my life before it expose me openly in Jesus name.
  • Jos. 7:11 – Oh Lord, forgive me in any way I transgress your covenant that leads to defeat in my life in Jesus name.

14 Powerful Prayer For The New Year

The prayers points are better used at home before the breaking of the first day of the new year preferably, anytime between 1.00 am to 5.00 am of the first day of the new year, that is, right after the WatchNight Service.

  • Gen. 26:12 – Oh Lord, whatever I sow in this land this year, I shall reap a hundredfold and God shall greatly bless me this year in Jesus name.

53 Prayer Of Praise Thanksgiving And Testimonies

  • Exo. 15:11 – I proclaim that there is no one like You even among the gods. Your work in my life before now is an indication that You are a wonderful God. Accept my praises in Jesus name.
  • Jud. 5:3 – Oh Lord, let me sing your praises as I am singing now in the presence of kings and leaders of this world in Jesus name.
  • 1 Sam.

23 Powerful Morning Prayers

What is so important about Morning Prayer? Prayer in the morning is very good because you meet God before you meet the devil. You meet God before you meet the circumstances of life. God anoints you to overcome every mountain that you will encounter in your life.

  • Gen 32:1 – Oh Lord, as I am going out today, let me have a positive encounter with heaven in Jesus name.

54 Prayer For Mercy And Favour

When you ask for mercy, always mention the situation you want God to take a look at.

  • Exo. 33:17 – Oh Lord! Let me find grace in your sight so that you will grant me all my requests (mention your request) in Jesus name.
  • 2 Sam. 22:26 – Oh Lord, show yourself as a merciful God in my situations in Jesus name.
  • Job 19:25 –

6 Powerful Prayer To Be Holy

The reason why this pray points for holiness is very brief is that holiness is an act and not really a core prayer act. This prayer point is just to remind you that we must be holy as this is the will of God for us.

Psalm 24:3-5 – Oh Lord, I need all the qualities that will make me receive from you easily. Enable me today to live a life of heaven on earth in Jesus name.

30 Christian Powerful Prayer For Deliverance

  • Gen. 32:11 – Oh Lord, if there is any bondage of a brother or sister I have been sold into, I receive deliverance today in Jesus name.
  • 1 Sam. 17:37 – The God that delivered David from the lion, bear and Goliath shall deliver me from all giants of my life in Jesus name.
  • 1 Sam. 24:15 – Oh Lord, judge the powerful men and women of my life and deliver me totally from their hands in Jesus name.

22 Prayer Points For Spiritual Growth and Alertness

This prayer points is necessary because it is important that one should examine oneself to know the state of one’s mind at a given time. Therefore, it is recommended that you pray this prayer once in a while as a spiritual refresher course.

  • Gen. 3:6 – Whatever is good for eyes, good to eat and good for the body but can kill me, Oh Lord, forbid me from getting closer to it in Jesus name.

14 Powerful Prayer For Divine Protection

  • Gen. 6:7,8 – Oh Lord, when your anger will be visited on the multitude, let your mercy keep me and my household safe in Jesus name.
  • Gen. 10:1 – As long as we have a record of the families of old, my own will not perish in Jesus name.Gen. 16:12 – Oh Lord, protect me and my family from all those that are carrying the curse of bloodshed in Jesus name.

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