How To Pray According To The Bible

Aside from the Lord’s prayer, the bible does not really give details on how to pray or the patterns to follow. However, we can take a clue from the bible itself through the help of the Holy Spirit.

Whenever a Christian wants to commit a matter in God’s hands, it is a serious business. Therefore, it is good, proper and wise to do so with fasting unless you are sick, breastfeeding or on medication. When you do fast, however, the number of days or hours you spend fasting does not guarantee the answers to your prayers but take great care to map out a fasting plan.

Don’t be too emotional about it because of what you are passing through. If you cannot fast more than a couple of hours or a day, don’t go beyond that. Just be serious about the time you want to spend with God is the most important thing.

How To Pray According To The Bible

Start with confession (Psalm. 32:5)

The truth about God is that we can’t hide from His view. He knew when, where, why and how we sin, yet He wants us to confess it to Him. The simple reason for this confession is to exhibit how sorry we are. This (confession) alone help lift the enormous burden of guilt from our heart and make it easy to accept the forgiveness God offers.

Take note each time you approach God in prayer that there is nothing you can receive from Him unless you first receive forgiveness. Start by confessing your known sins to God – Please read Psalm 66:18 and Job 11:13-19.


Follow with thanksgiving (Psalm 100:4) 

Immediately after the prayers of confession, it is important that you remember that only praises and thanksgiving will open the gate to the throne of God. It is generally believed, though erroneously that prayer of thanksgiving is done when God has done it but the ‘Christians of the Bible’ rightly believed that it is mandatory to remind God of the great things He has done before they ask for another thing. Therefore, make it a practice to start your prayer session with thanksgiving after you might have rid your life of known sins.


Pray audibly (Psalm 54:2) 

It is an established fact that many Christians don’t know the difference between private and congregational prayers. This is the reason why many professed prayer warriors don’t know the difference between praying audibly and praying loudly. When you are using this book, DO NOT PRAY LOUDLY BUT PRAY AUDIBLY. You are not a crowd and you are not making your request known to the man or woman next door.

Your prayer request is to God and He is right there but only make sure you are communicating and speak audibly. Pronounce each word audibly and don’t shout as if you are talking to a distant person. He knows your requests even before you say them. He only wants you to say it with your mouth.


Map out a prayer plan (Luke 14:28) 

Most people don’t receive from God because they cannot unlock simple Biblical truth. And because they are unable to unlock it, they cannot apply it to their everyday endeavours. Having a definite prayer plan is the first right step to receiving from God. Questions like, “How many hours or days am I spending in this prayer session?” and “What time of the day or night do I prefer?” must be answered before anything else.

This will guarantee your level of focus and will help your faith in God intact. Don’t bother about the number of hours or days spent in a particular prayer session. Just have a solid prayer plan and you are already in tune with heaven.


Pray Believing (Heb. 11:6)

Someone once asked in a Bible Study Class that, “Is it possible to pray and not believe in those prayers?”. My answer is YES!. See! Unbelief is a strange thing living in the heart. It is deposited deep in the core of man’s heart by Satan. The way it works is simple! Unbelief allows us to doubt God’s ability to do something.

It is “Satan vs Eve” war re-enacting continuously in our hearts. The Bible says, “Therefore I say to you, whatever things you ask when you pray, believe that you receive them, and you will have them (Mk. 11:24)”. This is not hard to do! It is a simple directive: Pray and believe it is done – How? When? Are not your concern.


Never pray in the name of anyone –

I have taught in several gatherings about the dangers of praying in the name of your pastors. What do I mean? For example, my names are Fatherprada and assuming I am your pastor and you start praying to refer to the living God as the God of Fatherprada, it is total disobedience to the simple directive of God.

I hope your pastor will be humble enough to tell you that it is not biblical. In fact, the danger is far more damaging than what you can ever imagine. The Bible, in the book of Exodus 3:15, says, “Moreover God said to Moses, “Thus you shall say to the children of Israel: ‘The LORD God of your fathers, the God of Abraham, the God of Isaac, and the God of Jacob, has sent me to you.

This is My name forever, and this is My memorial to all generations.’” (emphasis mine). Why people find this hard to do amazes me and I am even baffled that pastors refuse to teach their followers simple biblical truth. Rather, pray in the name of the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob.

God said it is His name forever and we should know what forever means. So, to be on a safer side so that no one will sell you into what you will come to its realization on the judgment day (when no corrections can ever be made), pray according to what the Scriptures teach.


Give when you pray 

I love to give a lot! In fact, the only thing that makes me uneasy is if I am unable to give something. It has been my habit to give and I was taught by my mother when I was a child that no matter how small, I should give to God after ended my prayer sessions. This has since been part of my worship life and it is rewarding. So, I will encourage you to give after prayer. You know that God promised to make your account heavy if you are able to give.


Don’t pray too many Prayers (Isaiah 1:15; Matthew 6:7)

The reason why I advise you to “map out a prayer plan” (see number 5 above). Trying to pray all the prayer points at once might not bring the desired result even if you are using it for a week-long Church program. Praying many prayers cannot guarantee success. What guarantees success is getting rid of sin and focus on what you want at a given time.

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