Pray without distractions (Mark 6:46)

It is indeed funny the assumption of many people that going to any of the various prayer mountains to pray is a guarantee that their prayers are answered. Sometimes ago I asked a friend why he prefer going to the mountain for prayers. I was surprised by the response of this man who is a senior pastor of a Church. He said, “mountain is the only place God answer prayers”.

Definitely not! Mountain is not the only place where God answers prayers. God is everywhere and He answer prayers everywhere you chose to call on His name. The reason why Jesus prayed on the mountain is to avoid distractions, period! Ironically, because many people who go to the various mountains to pray did not know why they are there in the first place, they travelled to the mountain top with their mobile phones, laptops and internet access.

All these are instruments of distractions. To get maximum results when you pray, make sure you work on a definite plan and avoid possible distractions. It is not compulsory that you go to the mountain top. Your bedroom is good enough and you can also use your Church auditorium when you are sure there will be no service.

During the period of prayers, switch off your phone or better still, put your phone in silence mode and keep it somewhere so that whatever call you missed will be attended to later. You can accompany yourself (if you are spending several hours a day) with your Bible (Study Bible will do) and notebook (meditation time is inspiration time and you can’t afford to miss any information directly from heaven).

You will agree with me that with the phone in your hand while praying, you are exposed to far too many distractions like receiving and making calls, play games, browse the internet to check the papers, check your emails or use social media.

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